Time Travel

Time Traveller

This page is intended as a demonstration of XML, Javascript and PHP. The era and years-ago database are captured in an xml file. Coding is done with Javascript and PHP. Later, I hope I'll have time to add more bells and whistles to this, such as faunal events, geologic events, animations, and variations in CO2, Oxygen, temperature and sea level.

As a suggestion, start with 1,000 years per second, and pick something from the list. Keep in mind what 1,000 years per second really means, i.e, 1 second ago would be Leif Erickson, 2 seconds Jesus Christ, 7 seconds the beginning of Stonehenge, 10 seconds the end of the ice age.

A note on nomenclatures - the eons, eras and periods are accurate. However, everything on a smaller scale (epochs and stages) are a compromise. There are no stages in the Quaternary (there are interglacials and climatic events). Also, past the Cenozoic, the nomenclature you use depends on whether you use the American, British, Russian, or Chinese names. These events also don't match up in year boundaries. I have used mostly American names.

Time travel is now possible. Enter the speed at which you wish to travel, then pick a destination.

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