Summary of Experience:

  • Web programming with PHP, HTML, and SQL
  • Oracle PL/SQL MS SQL Server, MySQL, Mariadb
  • Edify,Invision,Asterix/Java voice/telephony programming.
  • RAD/Java/Javascript/JDBC/PHP/HTML web application programming.
  • MFC Visual Studio, SSISVisual C++ and Visual Basic TCP/IP applications,SSIS
  • Implementations of TCP/IP, MQ, SNA, NDM and dialup interfaces of VAX/Alpha platforms.
  • Hoshin, Six Sigma documentation.
  • User acceptance, certification and problem management in telecommunication hardware and software projects.
  • Encryption devices.
  • Supervision and training.
  • COBOL and FORTRAN application programming in VAX/Alpha, Prime, Tandem and IBM environments.
  • Systems analysis and interface programming in Trust, Automated Clearing House and Electronic Wire Transfer systems in Banking environment.


Edify, Invision, Visual C++, C, C#, PHP, PL/SQL, HTML, CSS, MySQL, Mariadb, SQL Plus, Oracle, Visual Studio, Visual Basic, FORTRAN, COBOL, ML, TCP/IP, SNA, MQ-Series, VAX, EDI, Prime, Tandem, Microsoft Server, Java, JavaScript, JDBC, RAD, Eclipse, Apache, Tomcat, telephony, network, Wire Transfer, encryption, decryption, datacryptors, database, NDM, dynamic programming, Design Patterns, MVC, JUNIT, ANT, .NET, PHP, XML

Programming Languages

  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Visual C++
  • C
  • C#
  • Visual Basic
  • PERL
  • PHP
  • Edify
  • Invision
  • DCL
  • ML
  • PL/SQL


  • Windows
  • Microsoft Server
  • VAX/Alpha
  • Prime
  • Tandem
  • IBM 370


  • Oracle PL/SQL
  • MS Access
  • MySQL
  • SQL+
  • Mariadb
  • MS SQL Server


  • TCP/IP
  • SNA
  • MQ-Series
  • NDM
  • Modems
  • Datacryptors
  • Voice servers


CompTIA Network+

Professional Experience

11/11 to 1/18

Programmer, First Call Resolution, Roseberg, OR

VRI/java/Asterisk programming for voice clients.

Maintained and modified 600k-line Java/Quemetrics reporting system.

PHP/SQL web pages for performance Analysis

12/06 to 2/09

Consultant, Applications Programming, Payment Message Systems,Bank of America, Concord, CA

Applications support for telephony server systems for Wire Transfer, including multilingual support.

Developed web-based RAD/Java application to support international test-key management.

Developed EDI TCP/IP interface

11/96 to 12/06

Consultant, Applications Programming, Desktop Support West, Bank of America, Concord, CA

Network development for world-wide Wire Transfer switch. Interface protocols include TCP/IP, SNA and MQ-Series.

Troubleshooting and tracking protocol and message content problems across several network platforms.

Primary developer fo MFC Visual C++ TCP/IP desktop application allowing multiple users under double custody to simultaneously update remote VAX databases.

Sole developer of MFC Visual C++ TCP/IP interface between Wire Transfer network and remote check printing application.

Software quality assurance reviewer.

1/88 to 11/96

Consulting Systems Engineer, Minicomputer Systems, Bank of America, San Francisco, CA

Wholesale Data Transmission ACH (Automated Clearing House) network development on Tandem and VAX Platforms.

Evaluation, installation, testing and configuration of network PCs, modems and datacryptors.

Testing and configuring NDM, TCP/IP and Bisync communications.

COBOL, FORTRAN and DCL application coding.

Responsible for training operations staff in general telecommunications theory and applications operation.


A.B., Linguistics, U.C. Berkeley, CA

Progress toward MS in Computer Sciences, DePaul University (2005 - 2009)


Data Structures and Algorithms in Java. Sorting, dynamic programming, analysis of algorithms.


Computer Systems I. Assembly language, stack operations.


Object-Oriented Software Development. Design patterns in Java, JUNIT, ANT


Design and Analysis of Algorithms Dynamic Programming


Data Analysis and Regression. Statistical theory, SAS


Bioinformatics. Dynamic programming, design patterns, protein folding, DNA/RNA computational theory


Database Programming. MySQL



TCP/IP Protocol. TCP/IP protocol theory

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